Patch Released :: v 22.0.1


Bitcoin DX has now been upgraded to version 22.0.1. This important update addresses several issues, namely the block halving interval affecting total volume.

This is a mandatory patch; we advise upgrading your wallets, seeds & nodes immediately.


Official releases can also be found on Github.

Windows ServerDownload
Mac OS XDownload
Mac OS ServerDownload
Ubuntu x86_64Download
Ubuntu Server x86_64Download

How To Upgrade

This is an in-place upgrade.
Close your current BitcoinDX Core 22.0, remove your old executables and replace with v22.0.1.

Your current wallet and all your funds will remain intact. It is recommended to backup up your wallet prior for safe measure.


-Rectified halving interval to 105120 blocks from 1051200.
-Amended manuals to reflect version details.
-Updated ICNS file for compiling on macOS.
-Other cosmetic fixes.
-Bundled new Windows Server release.
-Included additional Linux / Mac OS X executables for server / testing.